The best duet of the blues

The duet of Sonny terry (Sanders terry) and Brownie Mcghee (Walter Mcghee) in my opinion is the best blues duet ever. I believe this because of they always seamed  so together  with the vocals and the way they played. They also played together almost 40 years and played country-blues and Piedmont blues.  There sound is amazing.

Sonny Terry who was blind played the harmonica and Brownie Mcghee played guitar. Simple you might say or is the blues  every one does that but not the way sonny and brownie did it.  The whoops from behind the harp that became trademark of the blues started with them.

Both Sonny terry overcame being legally blind as Brownie Mcghee overcame polo to make some of the best blues duet music out there to hear them live free click  below you may have to sign up but it’s free
Listen to more Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee at Wolfgang’s Vault.

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